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Online delivery of our training courses

Until further notice, all courses run by The Grove are being delivered by online web conferencing via Zoom. This forms The Grove’s response to the current public health restrictions on travel and meeting in person.

We are supporting the profession and the public by providing this training in order to resource practitioners in offering enhanced therapy to their clients.

Enrolled participants may be relying on gaining the qualification within the planned timings, to meet the demands of their work role or client caseload. Many of our course students are self-employed, others work for charities or are in supervisory roles at their work setting. So the benefits of continuing the training could flow more widely into those work settings and client groups.

Also, many of our tutors are self-employed and may be relying on the income from their teaching assignments with The Grove.

As members of a professional body, our course participants may also be relying on the course dates and timings in order to meet the requirements of their professional body in order to gain CPD hours.

The Grove’s stance is in keeping with guidance from multiple membership organisations within the therapy profession, such as BACP,  UKCP, BPS, COSRT, EMDR. Indeed, there’s likely to be no change in the annual requirement for CPD hours as part of professional memberships.

For example, UKCP has stated that it expects its members to maintain the regular number of CPD hours as usual.

Whilst BACP’s guidance on training courses and institutes is that:
“We [BACP] understand that direct, face-to-face tutor contact may not be possible if an organisation decides to temporarily suspend students from attending. We’ll allow some remote or online teaching and learning to take place to ease the pressure on courses at this time, as long as face-to-face, direct teaching resumes as soon as your organisation is open to students.

It’s up to the course to address this issue as appropriate and to ensure that students have enough teaching hours to meet the requirements of the course and its learning outcomes.”

All in all, our stance is to continue as planned, for these reasons we have articulated. This approach also supports continuity for The Grove so that we can maintain the current and future programmes by maximising certainty for our business. That way, we will be in a position to honour commitments to students and tutors who are committing to our courses which begin later in 2020, in 2021, and thereafter.

Our intention is to return to training delivered and attended in person, as soon as the venue re-opens. But this will depend on a change in the prevailing circumstances, where government restrictions are lifted regarding travel and gatherings in public spaces.

From now onwareds, we are asking anyone who enrols on our programmes to be flexible and open to either Zoom calls or to attending in person – whichever format is applicable for each training event for the remainder of this year, while the situation develops.

Feedback from our courses on Zoom 

Meanwhile, here are some comments made by students who are currently enrolled on our courses, regarding their reaction to the training on Zoom. The video conferencing allows everyone to see and hear each other on the training event. There are Zoom breakout rooms which enable participants to work in smaller groups or pairs for skills practice and experiential exercises. The presenter can share the viewing screen to display documents or presentations, as if on a projector screen. We are using the technology as best we can to convey the learning material in an engaging way.

2020 trauma course

“You guys really pulled it out of the bag [putting the course on Zoom at short notice]. You really know your stuff!”

“It’s a time for creative adjustment and to keep a positive spirit, a time to bring out the best in us !”

“Just wanted to say thank you for this and I am so relieved that I won’t miss out on the training, as I am really excited about this. It’s great that it is all still going ahead and I think this is a really generous response to this crisis. (And golly! How full on is it to manage all this!?) Thank you and see you online on Saturday.”

“I am glad to see you are all trying to work to deliver the training. Thank you.”

“Very much enjoying the course and learning so much.”

“Thanks so much for all your support.”

2020 1-day Trauma-Focused CBT training

“Just dropping a line to thank you for the Training on Saturday, I really enjoyed how you structured and delivered it.”

I really enjoyed the day and learned a lot, both through the presentations and by working in smaller groups. I felt welcomed and included so thank you again!”

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the day training on Saturday, I thought it was fantastically run and I gained a lot from the breakout rooms and discussion that took place. I also really valued how many resources were provided.”

2020 supervision course

“Zoom seems very sensible, thank you. Looking forward to it.”

“Thanks for the email and I agree that this is about collective responsibility.  I appreciate that the options might change as things progress but what you have suggested seems a very reasonable response to the situation as we currently understand it.”

“I wanted to drop you a quick line to say that the course seems to be working very well online so far. Not that it does not have its issues, but it is a great group that is making it work anyway. Thank you for your efforts in putting together.”

“Zoom isn’t what I’d want forever, but it works for now.”

“I’m really excited to be starting the Zoom training this weekend.”

“I wanted to drop you a quick line to say that the course seems to be working very well online so far. Not that it does not have its issues, but it is a great group that is making it work anyway. Thank you for your efforts in putting together.”

“We have just held our 2 days of training this weekend and I just want to say that despite my apprehension due to internet connections etc, it has been a great enriching experience, thank you for enabling our learning to continue.”

“I am happy to tell you that I managed to do the entire two days [of this weekend’s training], thankfully with the video on Sunday, so it was nice to see everyone. It was a really powerful and interesting weekend.”

I’m fine and glad I started the training and was able to join both days! To be honest it was a welcome distraction.”

“We had a nice weekend on Zoom.  Thank you for that, it was well organised.”

“I have found Zoom works really well and although not the same as F2F, it has been a good experience and will be a good platform for our training next month.”

Couple/relationship therapy course

Enjoying the course – really well structured and put together. Seamless transition to zoom which is also working well.”
“I value that you have decided to continue [with the training course]. I had my 1st weekend of couples training this weekend with Cabby, and really, it helped deflect so much from the constant anxiety of the virus!! I love you have also offered Zoom . . . .  this is a wonderful idea! Thanks Sarah, can’t wait for the next weekend!”
Thank you, I’m really enjoying the courses.”
The Grove Practice is accredited by NCP (National Council for Psychotherapists) as a CPD training centre. As such, all The Grove’s courses are awarded NCP accreditation for CPD (Continuous Professional Development). This accreditation provides reassurance regarding high standards of teaching and course content. The NCP is one of the longest established membership organisations for this profession, formed in 1971 following the “Foster Report” on the statutory registration of psychotherapists, with a national and international network of therapists

The Grove’s courses have been successfully recognised as CPD for members of the following membership bodies: BACP, UKCP, COSRT, NCP, NCS, AHPP, BPS, among others. Organisations such as Relate and MIND and Place2B have also supported their therapists in taking training with The Grove. This is a mark of unofficial validation of our courses as worthy of being listed on the CPD logs for these members.

Diversity and Respect Statement

The Grove is committed to the provision of training which is inclusive for participants from a diverse range of professional and cultural backgrounds. The Grove’s diversity policy upholds participation by trainees which respects differences in ability and disability, age, sex, gender diversity, race, religion, culture, and theoretical modality. The Grove’s course terms and conditions provide for each participant being seen, heard and respected during their attendance at course events. These terms are shown in the course contract which every applicant is expected to sign when enrolling; and are described in the course handbook at the start of the training. Any participant may be suspended from the course if their behaviour is deemed by The Grove to be contrary to this statement.


Testimonials from previous participants on The Grove's other courses:

Dip SV 29

The supervision course has added a new learning curve to my practice and thank you for that.

Dip SV 28

I’ve really enjoyed the course and I am pleased to have all the resources provided that I can draw upon in the future when needed.

Dip SV 27

Thank you for the support and learning on the course. Writing the essay . . . has been really useful in consolidating some of the material we went through.

Dip SV 26

My own supervisor recommended this course to me, saying it’s the best in London.

Dip SV 25

I enjoyed the course and feel that it offers a really comprehensive training that embraced many aspects of therapy and prepared me well for my future both counselling and supervising so please pass on my thanks to Glenn and all the other tutors.

Dip SV 24

Thanks again for facilitating the supervision course which seemed to augment or enhance along the way.

Dip SV 23

Thanks to you, Glenn and everyone for a great course.

Dip SV 22

It was a great experience, and I find myself putting the learning into practice often.

Dip SV 21

I really got a lot from the course and enjoyed the group.

Dip SV20

I can now look forward to expanding my work to include the supervision of counsellors and therapists after the supervisor training.  

Course venue for future intakes when circumstances allow

De Vere West One
9-10 Portland Place
W1B 1PR.

This training centre is just north of Oxford Circus tube near the Langham Hotel and the BBC TV centre.

Click to see venue website


De Vere West One

Read our terms and conditions for courses, including our complaints procedure.