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Applicant information

The Grove Practice will rely on information submitted in the participant’s application form; the participant may be asked to refrain from attending The Grove’s training events while remaining liable for the full fee if acceptance onto this course has been made based in reliance on misleading or untrue information shown on their application form.

Behavioural standards

Participants and tutors are expected to abide by the Diversity and Respect Statement adopted by The Grove Practice as follows:

The Grove Practice believes that each individual has the right to be heard, seen and respected on this training.  The Grove Practice values and actively engages with diversity of culture, race, religion, gender, age, sexuality and ability / disability.

A participant may be asked to refrain from attending training events if a Tutor and a Director of The Grove Practice consider that any of the criteria below are applicable:

  • behaviour on the course is deemed inappropriate;
  • failure to adhere to the Diversity and Respect Statement;
  • contribution to discussions or conceptual/theoretical understanding fall below the academic standard necessary;
  • there are concerns about conduct or level of participation in the course group;
  • pattern of attendance is sporadic, too many of the course dates have been missed, or attending late/leaving early to an inappropriate degree;
  • failure to adhere to the terms of this agreement.

If such a situation is not resolved satisfactorily, The Grove may suspend the participant(s) from the course.

Participants are contracted to make fee payments as invoiced and may be required to refrain from attending training events if fee instalments fall in arrears. Making any fee payment and/or attending any part of the course is deemed to be acceptance of these terms.  Fees remain payable even if the participant is suspended from the course.


Participants will be awarded the course Certificate or Diploma only if the course has been attended in person. We believe in experiential learning which, in our opinion, is best delivered in person.  Certification will only be awarded if assessment criteria described on the website of The Grove Practice are met (including requirements if a course handbook has been issued). If these criteria are not met, The Grove Practice will issue a certificate of attendance instead – unless in the participant’s own time and at their own expense, remedial action is taken to the satisfaction of The Grove.

Complaint procedure

Participants are encouraged to voice any dissatisfaction to the tutor in the first instance. If any dissatisfaction cannot be resolved by discussion with the tutor, any course participant should make a complaint in writing to The Grove.

Participants are expected to follow this Complaints procedure adopted by The Grove Practice:

In the event of any complaint, a written submission must be made to a Director of the company.  The Directors will investigate the complaint, involving input from any relevant Course Tutor.  If requested to do so, the complainant will agree to attend a meeting with the Director and the complainant, possibly including the Course Tutor.  The Director will make best endeavours to resolve the issue to the complainant’s satisfaction.  However, the Director’s decision will be final.

Cancellation policy

Enrolment is completed when the invoice for the course fee has been raised.

The Grove runs the course programme in good faith, making commitments to the venue and the tutors well in advance. In order to fulfil our obligations to the tutor(s) and venue, as well as to the other participants who have signed up to the programme, a charge may be made if a participant cancels their place before the course begins or withdraws from the course after it has started.

If a participant withdraws from the course for any reason after the start of the course, the full fee will be payable as invoiced, whether or not the participant has attended any of the training events.

Cancellation of a place after the invoice has been issued but before the start of the course will incur a charge according to the notice period given, with the course fee being payable as follows:

  • 3 or more calendar months’ notice before the start of the course: 0% payable.
  • 2 calendar months’ notice before the start of the course: 50% payable.
  • 1 calendar month or less: 100% payable (no refund will be given).

The Grove fully intends to deliver the programme as advertised. However, in the event of unforeseen events or factors outside the organisers’ control, such as but not limited to venue circumstances, tutor illness or change in availability, The Grove reserves the right to alter the venue, dates, content, tutors or format of the course, while using best endeavours to maintain the intended style and material as far as possible. No refund will be given in any such circumstances.